Tourniment Idea

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Tourniment Idea

Postby Vampire218 » Thu May 26, 2016 3:47 am

As many avid pokemon fans will know the Global Battle Association is currently in its 6th season of their draft tournaments. I have been following said events for about 2 seasons know and always wished to be able to play in such an event. I was thinking a draft tournament run on Showdown could be a fun way for Pimp to integrate his fans into the videos. People could come up with team names and whatnot and the winner of the tournament could win something like an exclusive mon or something. Also I was thinking if interest is high enough in such an idea there could be more that 1 tournament run I.e. have 16 people in 1 division do a draft and have a completely separate division 2 and 3 and whatnot and possibly if at the end of the tournaments there is like 4 or something divisions there could be a fun exhibition match among the first place people in their respected tournament. This idea is still in the brain storming stage but it sounds like a very fun and easy thing to do with very little work if done on showdown. As for how people would draft I mean there could just be a skype text chat or something. Tiering could be similar if not the same to the current GBA tiers and could become revised later for testing. Is this something people are interested in?
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Re: Tourniment Idea

Postby Cstylzzz » Thu May 26, 2016 9:40 am

euhm this isn't the place to post this also we have kinda a tourny thing going its called the GLCC
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