Chat Battle Association (CBA)

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Chat Battle Association (CBA)

Postby MrDevilfish » Sat Jul 09, 2016 3:09 am

Closed, draft is over and league has begun!

A draft league/format in which participants draft 3 pokemon from each tier and then battle each other, only being able to bring pokemon they drafted.

Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

  • Battles will be in the Singles format
  • Hopefully it goes without saying that items such as soul dew, gems other than normal, and any other items not obtainable in 6th gen are banned
  • For battles all smogon clauses will be used, this includes sleep clause, baton pass clause, evasion clause etc.
  • Participants will be drafting 3 pokemon from the 4 main smogon tiers OU, UU, RU, and NU. 12 pokemon total
  • Draft order will be randomized for each tier. Participants will take turns drafting in a snake pattern (going down the list, then back up then down again).
  • Draft order example: So starting from 1 you would go down the list until the last person, then that person would get to pick again and you would begin working your way up the list, then back down again.
  • Each team will be allowed one mega, which must be declared by the end of the draft.
  • Each person will be allowed to draft at most 4 legendary pokemon. This is to make sure someone isn't just spamming legends but to also give people wiggle room to work around filling niches in their teams for the draft.
  • If a mega's base is in a different tier you must use the megas tier when drafting it (mega altaria is bl, but its base form is nu so you would have to draft mega altaria in ou).
  • You don't have to mega evolve or play your mega as a mega. If you take a pokemon that has a higher tiered mega, you lock the option of people taking it in a lower tier. Likewise if both a mega and its base are in the same tier, taking the base locks other people out of the mega. You don't have to declare a mega until the end of the draft. So for example if you drafted slowbro, somebody couldn't then draft mega slowbro after you and vice versa. If you draft mega altaria or diancie then someone can't draft their base versions in the lower tiers.
  • In order to use drought or drizzle (politoed and ninetails), they must be drafted in ou. If they are drafted in a different tier you will not be allowed to use their drought/drizzle abilities
  • For the draft we will likely be using Discord (as skype tends to have a bit of lag for text chat) to have some sanity and keep the chat free of x amount of people complaining about getting sniped, draft discussion etc.
  • Battles will begin about 1-2 weeks after draft is completed to give people time to start breeding and working out different sets for different mons.
  • Last but not least have fun and try to make sure to keep track of who/when you need to battle. Also If you need help getting a certain pokemon/move myself and probably a couple of others can try to help, but for the most part you're expected to at least do your own breeding.

If you need help getting a pokemon be sure to give people enough heads up/warning. Also it would be wise to get most of this out of the way during the 1-2 weeks before battles start.

When does it start?
As soon as we have 16 participants we will work out a time to do the drafting that hopefully everyone can attend. If not we may have to break the draft up into smaller segments/wait on people to do their picks and continue etc. This will take much longer but hopefully we can avoid it for the most part

How long will this take?
The goal is once battles start to get try and do at least one once a week. This should hopefully allow enough time to prep for each persons specific draft and keep up on somewhat of a schedule (so 18ish weeks +play offs perhaps?)

A copy of Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire
Ability to breed/ev train
Commitment to finish all battles and ability to be punctual (Would prefer if we didn't have people who stop showing up or give up etc.)

Current Participants

If we hit 16 people and there are still a bunch of people who wish to participate we can use a the same or a similar format and have more than one league going, as I know 16 people is limited, but its so the draft is more manageable.
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Re: Chat Battle Association (CBA)

Postby MrDevilfish » Mon Jul 11, 2016 4:08 am

Link to discord server we'll be using for the draft/scheduling

Link to Draft ... V8/pubhtml

Link To Schedule ... YM/pubhtml

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