Does anyone care for thier Pokémon?

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Does anyone care for thier Pokémon?

Postby Ryan_Sparks » Wed Feb 14, 2018 6:24 am

Howdy dude and dudetts! Here is a question I've always wanted to ask everyone here. The Pokémon you catch or breed to keep, do you actually care for them?
(Many big pictures ahead. sorry) :)
I've been playing Pokémon for a pretty long time now and I've been using the same Pokémon for a little over 14 years now. The main one being Sparks, my Pikachu, who was an egg I bred in Ruby and sent to Leaf Green. Since then I had him with me, along with other teams of Pokémon, in every game and most I still use competitively.Image Image My main team

Yeah people will say they are not real or its just a game but it doesn't stop the fact that they always put me in a happier place even though times were rough. Like many other people. ImageMe in hospital vs Steven Stone in the PWT on White 2

This team is far from perfect I always loved them. But back in the day of gen 3, they dominated. After the years went by and new Pokémon were appearing. It started getting tougher with each new gen. I replaced Latios(which I found out had 5 0 IVs) in gen 4 for Lucario so I wouldn't have a legend in my team. After that I had to update my team each gen and I sadly had to replace my original Lapras in gen 6. The introduction of fairy types became a huge problem because I didn't have anything to counter them at the time. Besides the intro of new Pokémon and types, more brutal strategies started appearing. Winning became rarer and rarer causing me to experiment with new teams but I always went back to my main team. The new teams still got love and I still use those teams today too.
One of my favorite things to be introduced was Ribbons and Pokémon-amie. I didn't really ribbon hunt until gen 5. Sucks because I missed on some good ribbons. Then when Pokémon-amie was made, I loved it! Now I can interact with my Pokémon way more then before. (I still prefer them to follow me) I always maxed out my Pokémon's friendship and happiness. I love when they look back at me when battling. Kinda wish you can still pet them again after you knock out a Pokémon during a battle like in gen 6. ImageSpark's ribbons on Pokémon Moon

These Pokémon were always by my side through thick and thin, and I hope for many years to come. I would honestly cry if something were to happen to them. My first ever day and battle on Pimps Chat was against Blue using his actual champion team and me using my main team where I got my ass handed to be soul silver platter.(no shocker there) I made it my goal to beat him with this team. Then oooh boy do I remember my first ever battle with Ben. If I remember correctly it was his Full Pokémon Military Team. I was using my main team. At one point in the battle I lucked out and started sweeping his team with my scarfed Lucario. I was extremely excited and happy that I was going to beat the man himself in our first battle using my old team... Then he DC'd. When I went to read the chat, he said the battle was boring and called my team disgusting and I took it way to personally. I got really sad(and salty) about it. My Pokémon meant so much to me and to be called disgusting by the person I looked up to really hurt. Damn I was a baby about it. I cant remember who I went talking(crying) to, but they told me that it was just the way everyone in the chat talked to each other and it was all in good fun and that the battle was boring for YouTube and not because my team. I was still new to the chat at the time but now I'm part of the rabble and we all insult each other now! And one of my happiest moments was when Sparks finally appeared in a video.

All in all, I care deeply for my team and I wanted to know. Do any of you have a Pokémon or team that you care deeply about? I would really like to know(and hopefully someone else does so I don't look like a total weirdo). I'm amped to hear your stories. Thank you for reading!

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Re: Does anyone care for thier Pokémon?

Postby Ishizai » Sun Mar 18, 2018 11:09 am

I have a fair few pokemon I care about and unfortunately I still haven't bred a more competitive version of one or two of them...Pikachu and Luxray (at least I don't think I made a competitive Lux yet). I used to love Pichu because of how cute it was so I bred loads of them back in Crystal and started nicknaming them after Yugioh characters. The one I named DMG I went on to use and evolve to Pikachu and she even took on things like Rhyhorn so its been a part or planned part of my team ever since.
Luxray came into it during when after using it to battle my way through a chunk of the game and through the Elite 4 it was the only reason I beat Cynthia, able to take 2 Earthquakes from her Garchomp before needing healed and slowly wearing it down with Crunch, the only non-electric move it had.

Gardevoir has been another mon close to my heart since Gen 3 as she was always a fantastic addition to my team and I still remember battling Emzee and praying Focus Miss would hit so I could get past his T-Tar.

Amphy had always been a pokemon I liked but didn't really use much outside of Gen 2 and the remakes but when she got a Mega Evolution I was happy to get to use her again and she's been a solid staple of my team since and has become my Favourite pokemon.

A couple newer ones like Meowstic and Talonflame are ones I care for with it helping that they, along with my Ampharos and Lucario and Pidgeot and Ninetales (all of which I care for), are named after characters from an rp Emzee and I do together.

Also mons that remind me of friends tend to be special to me as well so I guess Ninetales and Pidgeot get two reasons there =p Raichu as well, Dragonite, Togekiss and more.

Oh and last but not least is one I don't use at all because I just don't really use Legendaries...Lugia <3
Looking for breedjects? Be sure to check out my breeding topic to see if what I'm breeding interests you.

Also if anyone enjoys creepypasta and would like to give their opinions on a Gen 6 story, pm me. I'm always interested in feedback so I can improve.
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Re: Does anyone care for thier Pokémon?

Postby Santalilcamper » Tue Apr 10, 2018 3:38 am

I did not breed Pokemon until gen 6 but many of the Pokemon who parented my current teams were from previous generations, my 6IV Tyranitar's father was from Fire Red who I bred to have dragon dance, my 6IV Infernape was bred from my starter in the first Pokemon game that I really enjoyed playing, Diamond. My breloom, the first Pokemon I ever bred was also one of my favorites, His name is Mr. Mush, and I even bred him a Poison Heal Wife named Mrs. Mush. Many legendaries I've owned are from previous generations that I've traded up as well. While these Pokemon are not from as far back as gen 3 I plan on bringing those Pokemon with me for as long as possible.

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