I was ban because I decided the defantion of my name

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I was ban because I decided the defantion of my name

Postby Dolan » Sun Mar 18, 2018 9:11 am

Please can I be back on the chat l.
The reason why I got band was because I found the deflation of my name and copy and paste it with out reading it and it had some aware words in it. And the reason why I would like to be back on the chat it's because on there it was fun and I was making some friends and was playing Pokemon with them sometimes. My user name was Dolan. Please can I go back
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Re: I was ban because I decided the defantion of my name

Postby Ishizai » Sun Mar 18, 2018 10:44 am

Your kick was for an hour and honestly if you are not aware of how inappropriate some of that stuff is you should not be on the internet without supervision. Also you should not paste stuff into chat you have not read, thats just irresponsible.

Your kick is likely over by now, please do not post highly inappropriate topics again.
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Re: I was ban because I decided the defantion of my name

Postby Katy » Sun Mar 18, 2018 10:55 am


I banned you for multiple reasons just to let you know.
1. You was random af means you have an attitude people just dont like. I got whispered from different persons, to make you stop being that weird & random. It was clearl by the sights of it, you clearly didnt make friends in the chat with your whole attitude/behaviour.
2. The Dolan Duck reference, all these inappropiate words. I just dont want these in Pimpnites Chat as they are inappropiate. Alot of of people are young (even younger than you probably) and they dont need to read those things. Also isnt a topic which fits into such a chat.
3. You got warned already multiple times, cause of spam and other things. So iI think the 60 Minute Kick was the right choice at this place.
4. Also your whole attitude to generalize human groups - just keep tzhose generalizations outta the chat. Not right to do so.

Just think about what you did wrong and maybe, but just maybe, apologize.
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